The Strategy of Implementation of Social Health Insurance Scheme in Albania


  • Degjoni Rudina



health insurance scheme of Albania, social implementation, categories of benefiting.


This abstract is to provide a concise description of the strategy of implementation of social health insurance scheme in Albania. The health insurance scheme in Albania was established from 1995 year and it covered a basic list of reimbursable drugs and the payment of family doctors in the system since its inception. From year to year, the scheme evolved gradually, with different expanding the range of the covered services throught shifting from undifferentiated funding to payment for health services packages in Albania. From the year 2013, Health Insurance Fund of Albania takes the decisions to change the mechanisms of the health insurance scheme. The new health insurance scheme covers the primary health care service, the hospitals service and the list of reimbursamble drugs. This abstract proposes which are the principles on which the health insurance scheme wills based in Albania, which are the categories benefiting from the health insurance scheme and which are the amount of compulsory health insurance contribution. In brief, the current social helath insurance scheme situation in Albania if includes any problems as health financing; if the social health insurance scheme is consolidated. These proposals in this abstract are ambitious and require detailed implementation of social helath insurance scheme and planning for the Albanian population how to be insured in the health sector of Albania.