On some Semantic Differences between Verbal Forms of the Past Tense in the Albanian Language


  • Alma Pinari (Kallari) Tirana University, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Slavic and Balkan Languages, Russian language Branch




aspectual shades, aspectual meanings, aspectual context etc.


In the studies on Albanian verbal system, linguists do not share the same opinion about semantic differences among verbal forms of the past. In some juxtapositions of verbal forms of the past, linguists distinguish aspect meanings or nuances, which, according to them, characterize the action by its feature of finiteness / infiniteness. In the following article efforts argue the view that the distinction among forms of Albanian past has nothing to do with the aspect as a morphologic category, present in the Slavic languages. It elaborates the idea that the meanings or nuances acquired by forms of indicative past interacting with some context elements characterize not only realization of tense categorical meanings, but also several other meanings of aspectual but not aspect character. Aspectual phenomena (meanings) stand out in the functional level by interaction linguistic means of different levels.