The penetration of foreings in the terminology of some vital areas in Albania and Kosovo


  • Shpresa Dorda Specialists of Curricula into Educational, Regional Directory of Tirana
  • Sindorela DOLI - KRYEZIU
  • Gentian Muhaxhiri



penetration, foreings, terminology, Albania, Kosovo


Albanian language in its current shape is conditioned by historical factors, social, economic, political, and by internal factors of its development. An important direction of development of language is dealing with borrowings, once they benefited from this mutual enrichment between languages in contact, the times words are superimposed where the consequences are evident in the course of development of the host language. Even the Albanian language has a similar approach as both in Albania and Kosovo. Her relationship with neighboring languages, and not only with them, have made her face be the result and reflection of this phenomenon.The trend/tendence of recent years of Albanian people using foreign words as a result of political and social factors we have observed in Albania and Kosovo. Languages of which we have received most borrowings word are mainly from two countries English, Italian and less from French.Foreign words penetrated many vital aspects of the Albanians people life and in two countries. Given the fact of the establishment of linguistic culture , social, historical , we become aware that the development of technology, many expressions and borrowings have entered our daily lexicon , because , at the moment we have not made any our discovery and we don’t have any real name to put to these objects . Even in various fields of science and technology are added borrowings, where the object or phenomenon introduced, along with the name of the language of the country that invented or issue.To further we have selected some areas terminology, such as administrative and legal terminology, language terminology, culinary, sports, information and technology. Examples of borrowings that we received from each area have given the sentence to get a context where there are used, except linguistic terminology for which we did not see it reasonable to give examples in sentences , since the paper work is in this area and only the term is sufficient.