European Union Energy Policies and Albania: a path toward a major energy security


  • Arber Osman Qystri



energy, global context, long-term policies, European Union energy, Energy Community, Albania energy sector.


Today, energy represents the main challenge for every country. Given the dynamic and unpredictable form of supply and demand for energy in a global and globalized context, creating long-term policies as well as regional interior is vital to ensure energy security. In this context, the European Union, - as a main global actor- throughout the reform of the energy sector, wants to be on the cutting edge in the use of new technologies and the creation of a single energy market, not only inside the twenty eight member countries. Balkan countries have an important role in this process, which takes place inside the Energy Community. In these conditions, this article aims to analyse the recent transformation on European Union energy policy and provide an analysis of the commitments undertaken by Albania as a member of the Energy Community.