A Study of the Effects of Total Quality Management on Occupational Safety Regulations


  • Selman Aksoy Düzce University, Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Düzce
  • Mehmet Kahraman




Total Quality, Machine Production Industry, Occupational Safety


The aim of this study is to determine the role of total quality management (TQM) in controlling occupational health and safety operations which is highly significant to enterprises. Data has been obtained by survey technique which is one of the initial collection techniques. A questionnaire with 34 questions used by Güngör (2008) earlier has been conducted. Data has been attained from the employees’ answers to the questions of the survey who work at two different machine-manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises have been chosen intentionally from those that one of them applies TQM and the other doesn’t. Data was analyzed by SPSS-20 software. At the end of the research, it has been revealed that the enterprise which implements TQM, has more regulations about occupational safety than the other enterprise which doesn’t implement TQM. In conclusion, it has been detected that the TQM applications have a positive effect on occupational safety regulations.