The main roles of bankruptcy administrator in Albanian Bankruptcy Law


  • Erjola Aliaj European University of Tirana



Albanian Bankruptcy law, role, bankruptcy administrator


The bankruptcy procedure in Albania is governed by Bankruptcy Law No.8901 dated 23 May 2002, as amended. This law establishes non-discriminatory and mandatory rules for the repayment of the obligations by debtors in a bankruptcy procedure and ensures an adequate, reliable and effective mechanism for the reorganization or liquidation of a commercial company that is facing financial difficulties. Moreover, this law intervenes not only in the procedural rights of creditors towards insolvent debtors, but also in the material contractual and property rights of the persons, who had a legal relation with the insolvent debtor before and or/after the bankruptcy procedure has started. The administrator plays a fundamental role in the bankruptcy procedure. The latter is given heuristic, determined, regulatory and managerial powers in Albanian Bankruptcy Law. This paper provides an analysis of the main roles of bankruptcy administrator in Albanian Bankruptcy Law, such as control and distribution of bankruptcy estate, use or disposal of property, role in executor contracts, and contest of transactions.etc.