Divorce; Albanian reality


  • Alketa Molla European University of Tirana, Faculty : Social Sciences, Branch: Sociology, Social Anthropology




Divorce, Divorce culture, migration,marital relationship


The phenomenon of divorce every day and more is becoming worrisome for Albanian society. Before 90s divorce was taboo. The number of divorced couples was very low and one of the reasons was the mentality, and prejudice build up from the monopoly political system. On the 90s the political system has changed and we had the phenomenon of the opening of the society and the immigration. Alongside this phenomenon every year it is noticed that the number of divorced couples is been increasing. This phenomenon is documented on the annual statistics provided by courts in the country. The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of the immigration and the opening of the society in to the increasing of the phenomenon of divorce. What kind of background have the couples that had a divorce and how many of these couples have had at least one of the partners in immigration? How much is the impact of the distance between partners in their relationship? What is the level of the presence of the divorce's culture in Albanian reality and what is the impact, influence of the country's culture that Albanian have been immigrated? The improvement of social and economic politics from the government affects the increasing of new jobs, this can make the immigration's phenomenon to be curbed and therefore curbing divorce's phenomenon due to immigration. The study carried out by virtue of representative model. The sample non casual: partners returned from immigration have made the request for divorce. Thematic analysis of data. Conclusions drawn in an interpretative approach.The study will be based on the official data of the courts and data provided by NGOs that have been dealing with divorce.