New social phenomena in the optics of values in post-communist Albania


  • Ina K. Zhupa Phd Candidate, Professor at the Social Science Faculty, European University of Tirana



cultural change, social behavior, social phenomena, value patterns, cultural democratization.


Albanian society is experiencing post-communist period, which is associated with numerous changes in the social, economic and political field. Important aspect, are the values that people believe and reflect on their daily behavior. Values change as a result of other changes, especially economic ones, but not so fast and immediate like in other areas. Inglehart explains that the change of values is a result of greater economic development, an economic development in a society influence to fulfill the basic requirements that people have to live, and in this way they have the tendency to require for another value orientation. (Inglehart,Baker,2000). In this regard, we try to look how the people in Albania, as a former closed communist society, might judge on certain social phenomenons that are difficult to be accepted and welcomed. Phenomena, such as divorce, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, prostitution, homosexuality, that are already common for a democratic society. Based on a quantitative methodology, surveys have been conducted to look at people's perceptions about these phenomena. These data are analyzed in this paper and bring us a society with traditional values. Analysis of these data will help us to understand better what kind of values we share in relation to the conception of this social phenomenon in albanian society, the problems that we can face and some predictions for the future.