Learning the Spanish Language for Ideological, Political, and other Curious Reasons


  • Prodani Anastasi Universiteti i Tiranës, Albania
  • Gjinali Aida
  • Gjoka Sandra




Spanish language, Marxist-Leninist members, communist propaganda, Spanish curriculum


Spanish language and teaching it in Albanian schools did not come as a request of the labour market. It was made available only through the need and lunatic wishes of a dictator, who wanted to spread his words, his revolutionary ideas and the pattern of the building socialism in Albania according the lessons of Marxism-Leninism in the whole world, and in this case in Spanish-speaking world, either in Spain or Latin America. As a consequence, small but concrete steps were undertaken for the schooling and professional education of those who in the future would work as translators, radio presenters or teachers of Spanish language. The main purpose of this research is to highlight the itinerary followed by the Spanish language in the context of totalitarism in Albania from the ‘90s till nowdays