The protection of the rights of Roma community, social policies and Albanian legal and institutional framework for their implementation


  • Irma Baraku Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, Albania
  • Entela Hoxhaj



minorities, discrimination, equality, human rights.


A considerable number of minorities, including Roma, live in Albania. The improvement of legislation and policies on minorities is one of the measures that our country has projected to take within the five priorities of the European Commission to Albania. Albania has approved legislation in conformity with international acts and has established mechanisms for the protection from discrimination of Roma people. The protection of minorities is guaranteed by the Albanian Constitution and the laws that provide for the respect of their rights. Albania has a large institutional framework for the protection of the rights of Roma people. The recognition of these institutions has a fundamental importance in realizing the protection of their rights. Each institution has its part of responsibility but the cooperation and coordination between them is essential to providing the best possible results. For the implementation of strategic documents that were adopted in our country is required cooperation and coordination of actions between central and local government. The issue of housing, the access to the enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights, the promotion of the employment of Roma, remain significant problems. The equality bodies face three challenges in dealing with cases of discrimination against Roma: (i) positive measures, (ii) strengthening of NGOs in decision-making, (iii) service respect to diversity and promoting equality