The Benefits of Mandatory Health Insurance. The Institutional Approach in Albania


  • Fjoralba Memia European University of Tirana



healthcare insurance, health services benefits, health service providers


Albanian health insurance system is currently facing multifaceted challenges, standing in the way of meeting the Government’s commitment to provide basic health care to the entire population. Law no.10383, dated 24.02.2011” On compulsory Health care Insurance in the Republic of Albania”, is a major step in the process of redefining and expanding social health insurance in Albania. The Law establishes a Social Health Insurance Fund as autonomous legal person in charge of financing packages of services for social health insurance beneficiaries. Mandatory health insurance scheme as part of the social protection system has been set up in order to prevent and overcome social risks standing in the way of health care services financing. This research aims to make an analysis of the benefits in context of mandatory health insurance scheme, especially between the Compulsory Healthcare Insurance Fund and health service providers. The research also intends not only to provide a theoretical analyses of legal acts, but also presented some conclusions and concrete practical suggestions in terms of necessary changes.