Italian Language in the Adult Class - Didactic Unit for Adults


  • Aida Gjinali University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Language, Italian Department



adult, Italian language, andragogy, teaching, didactic unit


This paper aims to address foreign language and Italian respectively of the adult classes. Teaching in classes with adults is radically different from teaching in classrooms with children and teenage, this occur because students typology to teach is quite another. Teaching adults is a topic which is not studied enough because the teaching for this age group is often taken for granted. So, while teaching children and adolescents we can find countless of studies that adults age does not enjoy this privilege. The branch that deals with the study of teaching adults is Andragogy. Teaching adults depends on many factors, as an adult that has a formative his own bag round which certainly we cannot overlook. Adults also need to be clarified about the objectives of teaching, because they need to know the values that will have the information that they would take in a certain course. In a language class with adults it has a great importance the role of teacher too. He is not the pedagogical teacher but andragogic hence its formation must be such that it should recognize quite well each method, technique of teaching adults. Our paper aims to provide also a didactic unit in order to provide a practical approach to language teaching, near adult classes taking into account the psychology age their requirements and their needs