Teaching and Learning Motivation


  • Robert Gjedia




viewpoint, learning, pupil with learning difficulties, motivation, motivation techniques.


The paper "Teaching and learning motivation" is a professional attempt to communicate to the interested groups/stakeholders and mainly to the teachers the theoretical interpretations, techniques and activities related to the learning motivation. This paper exposes the various forms of motivation. They are considered from different viewpoints like biological ones, instinctive, rationalist, humanist etc. It is aimed to provide a general panorama, carefully selected by west well-known psychologists and pedagogues of the area, who belong to different space and time educational culture. On the other side it is of great importance for this paper the presentation and treatment of principles and techniques of motivation in the classroom closely related to the pupils' learning activities and experiences as well as those related to the specifics of pupils with learning difficulties. This paper conveys the consolidated viewpoint that motivation should be a natural, active and effective process that stimulates learning and provides a comfortable wellbeing to each pupil. The author, by carefully reviewing and processing the respective literature, by the findings collected during his long term educational experience has provided data and observations deriving from various analyses of the teaching periods/hours; from discussions with teachers of the different cycles and profiles, thus concluding to ideas, techniques and best practices on the motivation processes that would really stimulate the class learning.