Teachers' Opinions on Teaching and Assessing Methods in the Life Science Curriculum in the Context of Values


  • Cihat Yaşaroğlu




Teaching values, assessing values, classroom teachers, life science course


This research aims to investigate teachers' opinions about teaching and assessing methods that predicted in Life Sciences Course Curriculum (LSCC) in accordance of value education. Survey model was used in this research to achieve this aim. The study population consisted of 155 classroom teachers who serve in city center of Bingöl province, Turkey. An assessment instrument consisting of two chapters and developed by the researcher was used to collect data. The first chapter includes personal information about participants and the second chapter includes items that try to determine recommended teaching and assessing methods in LSSC. Arithmetic means and standard deviation were used for data analysis. It was found that teachers rated teaching and assessing methods proper. It is wished that this study will be useful for teachers, curriculum development specialists and decision makers in education system.