School Dropout and Socialization


  • Florinda Tarusha
  • Ornela Bilali



School Dropout, Socialization


This research aims to contextualize, understand and deeply analyze school phenomenon and its effects in life and children socializing. The research aims to find out how children understand school dropout, how they interpret situations and which their perspectives for school and socializing are. Based on initial analyses for actual researches for school dropout in other places, it is noticed that most researches have been correlative and long-tongued; some of them have been assertive programs to prevent school dropout. These researches experiences are new for Albania. At the same time, it has been analyzed Albanian researches that are done by foreign and local organizations and it has been noticed that these researches do not go deep to the correlative factors, causes and long term influence of school dropout. On the other hand, at actual researches, it is studied only present factors for school dropout phenomenon, but it is not studied long terms factors for example: influence on socializing, kind of job, employment. All in all, this research is based on a holistic perspective of the phenomenon. The Research methodology used in the study is a qualitative research and it is based on these methods of collecting information: case study; interview; focus group; analysis of documents and materials in the field. There have been five crucial elements in research realizing procedure: Specifying research subjects; determining the sample; choosing instruments; creating the implementation plan; interpreting research findings; To gather information for school dropout and its dimensions, it has been identified pupils' group and interest group located in Elbasan district.