Teaching Contemporary and the Role of the Teacher in the Classroom with the Student Centered


  • Fatmir Vadahi
  • Dritan Ceka
  • Anila Jaku




Teaching, modern techniques, teachers, students


Major changes occurring in the last session in the field of technical and technological tools and recent International Development in the field of education have made a fundamental change in contemporary teaching. Traditionally in Albania education is conducted in the traditional manner teacher was the one who had the main burden while the students were told otherwise spectator or regular headphones. Various changes and reforms in the education field has necessitated changing the way of teaching and have made changes. Today education conditions have changed and taking into account the various investment funds, whether from government or various international organizations have made the traditional method has been implemented to date in Albania be replaced with modern teaching method or the method with different spoken teacher in class with the student center. Today modern teaching techniques have made teaching more attractive for students but also for teachers. Work instructional techniques develop students' creativity, freedom in expression, convenience class. Also classroom setting has a special significance, because it helps to escort students among themselves and work in groups through modern techniques and learning is more productive for students. Modern techniques are very important factor in the work of teachers today they assist their learning except that they also help influence the creativity of the students in the classroom, or otherwise the students to feel the comfort of the people in the class.