The Importance of Dialogue and Tolerance in a Plural Society


  • Vladimir Bakrac



dialogue, tolerance, plurality, pluralism, religion, violence in the name of religion, religious ideology.


This paper is focused on two very important factors when discussing religious pluralism. At first, we would like to remind you than one should distinguish the terms plurality and pluralism and emphasize the importance and significance of dialogue and tolerance in multiconfessional and multicultural societies, therefore in societies with developed religious pluralism, among which Montenegrin society does not fall behind. We start from the belief that it is difficult to speak about religious pluralism in the societies that have no tradition of dialogue and tolerance towards other religions. The paper is intended to be a modest contribution to dialogue and tolerance in the modern world where religion and religious ideas have a very important role. In such a social context, we should not forget that dialogue is the only way to discover the truth, beautiful personality, and a wise thought. Nowadays, dialogue and tolerance are requirements of the time because the world is divided in all possible ways, and yet we must live together and search for what unites us. Neither one social group, just because it is a group, can rely on a unique view of the world. Dialogue and tolerance are powerful barriers to the rule of unilateralism.