The Albanian Social Security System and the Institutions of Social Protection in Albania


  • Laureta Mano
  • Mirela Selita



Social protection, social insurance, health care, health insurance, social assistance, social service.


The social security system in Albania consists of social assistance and social services, health services and health care insurance and social insurance schemes. In the social objectives of the constitution are declared that the State within the constitutional competencies and the probable means as well as in the fulfillment of private initiatives and responsibilities, aims to higher possible standards of health, physical and mental; social care and services of elderly, orphan and invalids; medical rehabilitation, special education and integration in the community, of disabled persons. The Constitution foreseen that everyone has the right of social insurance when retired or in case of incapacity of work under a certain system established by a law. Everyone, when is unemployed for any reasons independent on individual will and when there is no living means, has the right of need under the conditions foreseen by law. Social insurance is a scheme protecting by benefits persons in respect of temporary incapacity due to sickness, maternity, old-age, disability and loss of breadwinner, employment accidents/occupational diseases, unemployment. Social Services are benefits in kind for disabled persons or vulnerable persons. Social Assistances are cash benefits given to families in need, that means families with lower incomes comparable with minimum standard of living or families without incomes. Health services consist of public health, primary health care, hospitalization services nurse's service, dental and pharmaceutical net. The Institutions of Social Protection in Albania are Social Insurance Institute, National Social Services and Health Care Insurance Fund.