The Albanian School Facing the Difficulties for an Education Close to the Needs of the Children with Special Needs


  • Ambera Duka
  • Ermira Tati



the differentiated teaching, suitability, inclusive classes.


The inclusion in education, is defined as the most favorable mean that creates the equal opportunities in education for all the children, with or without disabled abilities. The increase of the number of children with special needs and especially with those with autism within the classes, but this is followed with new challenges for the teachers of the inclusive classes in the Albanian schools. The problems of the teaching task of the teachers in these classes are a lot, but to minimize them the teaching process worldwide is paying too much favorable space by analyzing and orientations to make these problems a bit slighter. This research aims to be an empirical survey, while from its nature and condition to be qualitative. For the collection of the datas and statistics are used observations, interviews and focus groups. And as for the target group are considered the classes and the teachers that have in their members students with autism.