What Can We Learn from the Islamic Tradition About the Pandemic?


  • Emine Öztürk


Islamic tradition, Pandemic


First of all, we must explain this, there is a big literature about pandemies in Islamic religious literature. So, there a lot of things we can learn about pandemy from Islamic literature. Once a day prophet Mohammed said that about pandemy, if there is a pandemy anybody doesn't go out form there, and if there ?s pandemy in anyplace outside don't go into that place unt?ll pandemy stops. This verse of prophet Mohammed tells us everything about pandemy. Beacuse this verse is about isolat?on. And also prophet Mohammed says cleanliness is the half of belief. And also he says cleanliness comes from beleif. So there are a lot of things in Islamic literature about pandemy that we can learn. So, we hope that we can tell some important points about pandemy approcah of Islam. We hope we can do some contributes about th?s subject. Of course, this ?s not the last word about this subjcet but it is a word about th?s subject that we can learn some important points form Islamic literature.