Networking and Support: Determinants of the International Performance of Enterprises


  • Silviya Georgieva
  • Maria Vasilska



networking, support, international performance, small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs


The paper explores and analyses networking and usage of available support opportunities and services for participation and competitive performance of enterprises on international markets. The empirical results are part of a representative survey of enterprises in Bulgaria, varying in size, type of activity, location, ownership (family and non-family), age and sex of the founder entrepreneur, and other characteristics. The paper focuses on small and medium-sized companies due to their importance for the economy, as well as due to their not fully deployed potential for more active participation and successful performance on the international markets. The aims and advantages of networking have been investigated in the paper, as well as the relationship between participation in networks and providing public services to the enterprises. Furthermore, the connection between the entrepreneurs’ specific characteristics, on the one hand, and the involvement of their companies in networks and looking for institutional support for different initiatives (including internationalisation), on the other hand, has been analysed. Based on the conclusions drawn, some recommendations to the stakeholders have been made.