Strategic Management as Key Influencer on the Development of Textile Industry in the Country of Kosovo


  • Rrezarta Gashi



strategic management, textile industry, advantages, disadvantages


Considering the impact of strategic management, today all companies of all sectors must have a strategic plan compiled in details. In the frame of this plan, there must be included also human resources, investments in marketing, investments in technology, and noticeably the last one is recently going through great modifications. Based on statistic data Kosovo during recent years have made advanced steps toward the development of all sectors, specifically in textile sector. Therefore, this paperwork aims to step up the priorities and challenges that have the textile sector in the country of Kosovo, a country that is in transition phase.The focus of this study will be textile companies, including manufacturing companies. For the conclusion of this research will be used primary and secondary data. Primary data will be the data received directly from field work, through questionnaire that will be used especially for this research, whereas secondary data will be received by the use of foreign and local literature, also from researched made previously, that have to do with textile sector in all countries of the world.