The Evaluation of the EFL Textbooks Used in the High Schools of Elbasan, Albania


  • Josilda Papajani University of Tirana



EFL textbook, evaluation, curriculum, high school


The Albanian Education System is currently undergoing several changes, one of which is the Foreign Languages Curriculum implementation. One of the main External Factors in implementing the EFL curriculum is even the kind of Textbook it is chosen to be used in the EFL teaching and learning process. As long as a book is considered ‘food for thought’, an EFL textbook could be easily considered as ’a milestone’ in the students’ education. According to this, choosing the right textbook to teach English to High School students is as important as designing the curriculum itself. It is needed to think about the students' needs, interests, ability and level. Choosing a course book is not a frivolous matter, so it should be made clear what kind of English textbook fits best for the students of the High Schools in Albania. This will come out according to the analyses of what the curriculum asks for, the currently used textbooks, as well as according to the observations among teachers and students in the High Schools of Elbasan, Albania.