Possible Reading through Syntagma of the Novel "Palace of Dreams" by Ismail Kadare


  • Edlira Çerkezi PhD, University “Ismail Qemali” Vlorë, Department of Language and Literature


Syntagma, Novel, "Palace of Dreams", Ismail Kadare


One of the important issues of reading the novel "Palace of Dreams" is his reading, because of the metaphor that Kadare seeks to build with this kind of novel structure, with a very modern fiction, because of the overlap of times not according to events but according to situations, which help to discover Tabir Saraj, because of the movement of some symbols, to understand a kind of code, through which the novel must be understood, then for a complete reason related to time, like a black veil, which does not allow you to see the real face hiding behind it, also due to the absence of some characters, who in a classic romance structure carry or convey lines, situations, their classification and that stratify society .