Social Media and the Murder of Klodian Rasha


  • Isida Hoxha (Haxhi) PhD, University of Shkodër, “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Albania


Social Media, Facebook, Democratic Space, Ethical Issues


Social media brought an important change in the way of doing journalism, different from traditional media for their characteristics and features on their own. As every new thing, social media attracts the attention of researchers to understand the way how they function with their advantages and disadvantages, with positive and negative aspects. The murder of an innocent young man by a policeman in Tirana in the December of 2020 had a lot of attention in Albania media. The sensitivity of Albanian society in this case, despite the event itself was strengthen from the media space that was given to the murder, given versions of official and unofficial sources and protests organized in the name of the victim Klodian Rasha. This case study was analyzed to understand the role of social media focusing in the process of producing the media product, spreading, network, interaction in other words the new media space and ethical problems that accompany this process so the research question is: Which is the role of social media in covering and treatment of this event? The study relies on the social platform Facebook because it is one of the most followed platforms in Albania.