Private Equity Funds/Venture Capital – A New Role and Opportunity in the Albanian Economy and Financial Market


  • Elvin Meka Albania University


Private equity capital, Venture Capital, securities, long-term financing


The prolonged stagnation bank credit expansion, following the outbreak of recent economic and financial crises of 2008, and now the complex situation during the pandemic, has produced a significant impact on the availability of new and long-term sources of business financing, mainly related to mid and large-size companies, but also to start-ups. Currently, all such categories of businesses find difficulties in obtaining long-term financing from banks and this has major implications on financing their investments and projects in the pipeline. In a time when, paradoxically, bank credit is becoming increasingly complex and difficult and therefore, to score a significant influence on the economy and investment financing, and regardless of the existing liquidity abundance, establishing and developing Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds (PE/VC) can play an important contribution in this regard. Despite the fact that such type of institutional investor is currently lacking within the Albanian capital market, some basic legal, institutional and economic premises do exist within the Albanian financial landscape, and which could provide grounds for such an actor to play its role in providing an alternative source of long - term financing for Albanian businesses. Consequently, their existence could pave the way for revitalization of the idea and attempts to put into operation a functioning capital market in Albania, which is still rudimentary and non-active, and furthermore, helping in ensuring a sustainable long-term economic growth.