The Role of Metamorphosis in Anglo- Saxon Ballads, Albanian Ballads and Frontier Warrior Songs


  • Danela Bala Kraja Msc., Phd. Cand, Lecturer, University of Shkodër, Albania



ballads, metamorphosis, epic songs, transformation, development.


This article aims to point out the role of metamorphosis in Anglo- Saxon ballads, Albanian ballads and frontier warrior songs. The Anglo- Saxon ballads and Albanian frontier warrior songs and ballads came into existence a long time ago and they had a certain number of influences which as a result had their great impact on their creation, development and circumstances when and where they were composed. They were created as a consequence of some special historical, cultural and social development. It has to be emphasized that those influences were of different character and size such as human, non-human or divine ones and the compositions of songs or ballads were inspired and conditioned by a lot of circumstances. Metamorphosis is used to express that never- ending process and of course it is transforming. The changes are either positive or negative and consequently people may perceive different good or bad feelings. It is related to the magic world and the unrealistic one and sometimes it is a beautiful feeling when a human being transforms into a rose and showing a form of life continuation after death but in many cases it transforms into a non-desirable object or animal. It is a quick transformation from one thing to another and it may have either positive or negative effects on the audience.