Brazilian Educational System under Attack: the Reforms Proposed After the 2016 Coup and Their Sociological Contexts


  • Ceriani Mike de Oliveira Gomes Graduate Program in Education, São Paulo State University (UNESP/Marília, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Educational system; Neoliberal agenda; Political interests.


In mid-2016, in Brazil, many political changes are made after the deposition of President Dilma Rousseff from the presidency of the federal republic. Among these changes, initiated by the President of the Republic Michel Temer and sustained by his successor, Jair Bolsonaro, are the changes in the area of Education, placing it more and more on the path of the established neoliberal agenda. Many of the proposed changes, as well as the way they are carried out, had already been addressed by several authors in the field of Education and Sociology. Thus, this article proposed to explain the non-explicit political interests with these reforms based on a specific literature. In the end, the model of making the educational system for maintaining the neoliberal agenda is described, as well as possible means of weakening this system.