Learning Losses Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic - A Significant Threat to Economic Development


  • Tea Kasradze Professor, Caucasus International University
  • Nino Zarnadze


Covid-19 pandemic, school closures, economic growth, learning losses, employment, development


Numerous studies show that there is a positive correlation between education and the economic development of the country. Strong education systems have a positive impact not only on the success of individuals but also on the economy of the entire country. Graduates equipped with the skills required by the labor market can easily find a place in this market. Knowledge and skills relevant to market demand increase productivity have a positive impact on economic growth and development. Unfortunately, Covid Pandemic has severely damaged the education systems. Governments, scientists, and experts provide us with statistical information daily around the world about both the slowdown in economic growth as a whole and the problems of individual sectors of the economy. These are the problems and numbers that are already visible and it can be said that the losses are easily measurable. However, the damage caused to the economy by education systems affected by the pandemic will be felt by countries and humanity years later, nor will it be easy to calculate. The problem is even more difficult in poor and developing countries. This paper aims to study the impact of the Covid Pandemic on the education system and economy in Georgia. The research examines the reports and studies of various international organizations, analyzing the secondary data obtained from them. Local policy documents, government reports and regulations, and papers of different researchers have also been studied, conclusions have been made and relevant recommendations have been developed.