What Role Do I Play in My Learning? A Study on the Academic Engagement of Higher-Education Students


  • Florencia Teresita Daura Universidad Austral, Escuela de Educación; Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigaciones en Psicología Matemática y Experimental–CIPPME. CONICET
  • Julio Cesar Durand




academic engagement, measuring devices, higher education.


The study of academic engagement has gained international visibility due to various factors operating in the social environment, such as fragmentation, 'liquidity' in interpersonal relations, etc., which end up affecting the persistence rates in studies, or its manifestation in an increasing rate of desertion in higher studies on the part of Argentine students. This research has been carried out within this framework, where 350 students of University and College education, who are enrolled in technical, humanistic-pedagogical and economic studies, completed the Academic Engagement Scale (Daura - Durand, 2018) with the purpose of analyzing, on the one hand, their level of involvement with their studies; and on the other hand, inquiring on the existing connection with demographic variables.