Laws and Their Inaction with Socioterminology - The Case of Urban Terminology

  • Eva Papamihali French Language Branch, Faculty of Human SciencesAleksander Xhuvani University, Elbasan; Albania


The introduction of new terminology into laws requires a change of mindset of institutions and law enforcement in general. The fact that for years we have learned to use a specific legal base and a specific planning language, becomes a barrier to accept and apply a new law. If a law appears to improve something, its radical terminological change becomes a barrier for further development as the written language should correspond to an actual physical action. It is important to understand and analyze the complex process of acceptance / rejection of terms or phrases and the emergence of new words. Certain words acquire general acceptability over time through the process of their use by academicians, administrators, policy makers etc. A failure of words leads to the increase of the cost at the expense of the Albanian citizens. The development and the draft of the laws should be supported by specific linguists and it should consider studies on socioterminology. The terminology, as a means of speech and transmission of special scientific and technical notions, is created depending directly on the development of sciece and technique. All the processes of the scientific – technical revolution are reflected in the creation of the new technology and the complicated processes of the previous terms transformation.
Jul 18, 2018
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