Global Effects and Conditions of Governance in an Independent Kosovo

  • Adem Shala


Global processes between 1990 and 2013 have initiated essential changes in the institutions, legal structure, economy, information, values, attitudes, decisions, and action. Additionally, global effects, depending on regions and countries, have taken specific characteristics. Specific effects were noticed in the transition countries. The crisis and reforms in these countries and societies were a result of local efforts to change the conditions in all levels. In order to achieve these goals, transition countries, needed support from developed countries and global organizations. Even though, global processes were advanced, global organization and international law were unreformed and inefficient. The activity and the determination of the Kosovo society to overcome the situation compelled the International Community towards establishing attitudes, making decisions and acting, among others, in the case of Kosovo. Kosovo, as a country that belongs to all communities and citizens, is a specific case. The governing processes and institutions are directly influenced by the International Community and global effects. This Kosovo specific governing process is a compound of two processes, specific Kosovo circumstances and global effects in the region. A special approach should be applied when global effects are evaluated and analyzed in the case of Kosovo, of special interest the practical and theoretical activity, for understanding problems, circumstances, and causes as well as the way towards surpassing obstacles and the advancement of positive processes in governing, institutions and development. Effective governance in Kosovo should aim to create the enabling environment prerequisites for the development and integration process. This is the key role, function and essential obligation of this process. Gonverning institutions in Kosovo should be an interacting and guarantee factor in regards to the development and integration processes. This role and function, in line with a democratic orientation, of the Kosova leadrship is beeing demanded by the society and the Internatnional community.
Dec 30, 2014
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