Impact of Educational Leadership Styles on Job Teachers Stress

  • Ferit Hysa


During the school management, it is very important to have an effective school but more important is to use the right styles according to health safety and high outcomes. The leadership is a wide concept in general way and a specific one according to the education and school too. The tradition of school leadership is new in Albania. The education leadership in the new Albanian context request establishing of school leadership. The knowledge and application of contemporary education leadership it is obligatory for improvement and raising effectively to Albanian school. This study is focus in the influence of educational leadership styles in the job teachers stress and satisfaction. The research question is: what is the best and right education leadership style need to be applied in Albanian school. The research method is a quantities and qualitative way through the questionnaires, semi and structures interviews. The conclusion is that no all the educational leadership styles that are effective ones, are the right educational leadership styles. This conclusion brings the need to be selected the educational organizational theories for an effective school through the right educational leadership styles.
Dec 30, 2014
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