Aspects of the Feminist Movement in the Albanian Monarchy (1928-1939)

  • Esilda Luku


This paper aims to analyze the characteristics of the Albanian feminist movement during the Monarchy and its impact on improving the social and economic status of the women. in the late 1920s, women's societies operating in different cities were suspended by the Albanian government due to the economic crises, the social and cultural backwardness and mainly because of the efforts to centralize the political power, putting under control the women's organizations, too. The monarchical government supported only the establishment of "Albanian Women" society in Tirana, under the patronage of Queen Mother and headed by Princess Sanie Zogu. It spread its activity among many Albanian cities and in diaspora and published a magazine periodically. The intention of the feminist movement in Albania was the education of girls and women, aimed at raising their cultural level, to overcome the old patriarchal mentality. The "Albanian Women" society contributed to the organization of courses against illiteracy for the emancipation of women which was closely related to the construction of a modern state. Secondly, the women's participation in the economic activity, such as old industries and handicrafts, would improve the female economic conditions and above all her position in family and society. The activity of "Albanian Women" society was helped by the governmental policies to increase the educational level of women, establishing Female Institutes, which played an important role in social progress and economic growth. Also the improvement of the legislation guaranteed women the civil rights, but unfortunately they didn't win the right to vote, as women in the developed countries. However, the Albanian feminist movement, despite the difficulties and its limitations, marked a significant effort concerning the national organization of women dedicated to their empowerment in community.
May 1, 2014
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