Characteristics of the VAT in Albania

  • Mikel Alla


The value added tax (taxe sur la valeur ajoutee - TVA) was "invented" by a finance expert of France called "Maurice Laure" (1917-20 April 2001). The system of "Laure" is designed to April 10, 1954. He "invented" a tax on consumption, which was called the VAT (TVA). His idea was quickly adopted because it compels taxpayers at all levels of the production process, for self-management and self-calculating the tax, instead of putting the burden on sellers, or the tax authorities make the tax assessments. The tax legislation for the VAT in Albania has changed constantly . The VAT in Albania is regulated by the Law No. 7928 dated 27.04.1995 "On the VAT" . This law was amended to date from about 30 other laws . in the design of the fiscal policy of Albania , are taken into consideration the behavior of taxpayers and their ability to the tax evasion . Albanian state is trying to harmonize the fiscal legislation with those of the other countries of the European Union. This paper aims to show the main characteristics of the VAT in Albania . At the end of this paper, I will give my conclusions of the issue .
May 1, 2014
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