International Investment (Trade) Factor and Its Effect on GDP: BRICS Case Study

  • Ercan Ekmekçioğlu


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to assess the degree to which International Investment (Trade) Factor has impacted on GDP looking at BRICS region. The title is dubbed: "International Investment (Trade) Factor and its Effect on GDP: BRICS Case Study". Design/Methodology/Approach: The research adopted a desk research approach. in this regard, resource materials were developed from economic journals, books, articles, policy documents, and other credible websites just to a mention a few. Findings and assumption: The finalised research assessed the contribution trade has had to GDP in BRICS region. Trade has been considered as a fundamental growth factor in BRIC and an accelerating component which has been of great attention within the region. The current research argues that trade has benefited BRICS economy in terms of technology, skilled labour, consumer spending, total investment by companies, total government spending and balance of trade. The analysis bases on data collection from the period 2010-2013 so as to test the relationship between the two economic indicators. As indicated, the main research variables included FDI inflows, population growth, exports, and GDP. for data analysis, the researcher examines the descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression model using Microsoft Excel 2013. The main dependent variable being "trade"; it was anticipated that the trade function in regression model and other statistical tests would have positive relationship with other GDP variables. Research limitations/Implications: The main future research undertaking would be to use quantitative measures so as to establish the correlation between Trade as an international investment process and GDP dynamics.Practical Implications: The engagement in economic growth through increased GDP would be determined by the extent of international trade dynamics in BRICS region. Originality/Value: This research paper addresses fundamental policy issues that may be considered in BRICS region on how best to enhance international investment (trade) so as to support the rest of the economy.
May 1, 2014
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