Sociological Analysis of the Roots of Crime in the Family. (Case Study in Durres)

  • Marjeta Milloshi


In the area of Ex Keneta Durres after 90' was populated by rural residents coming from other provinces. It is a poor area, an informal area in construction and employment of residents. Not all residents are integrated in social life.Analysis of this study aims to study crime and domestic violence by first polidimension all related factors to explain the social roots of crime in families.Domestic crime is one of the social problems in our country. Statistical data for the City of Durres speak for counting crimes increased violence, and also show that the family is getting "dangerous place" of crime. The focus of the study is the overall situation of social, economic, cultural, emotional, psychological, former residents of the swamp. Factors which are sources that generate domestic violence or crimes in the family. In the area of Ex Keneta Durres in july of 2004 with the decision of the Municipal Council of Durres was approved as the new administrative unit , comprising Region No. 6 The area of Ex Keneta is a new residential area , increase the number of arrivals from day to day. in this structure combines elements of various subcultures. The analysis aims at studying the social roots of crime that will be done from the perspective of theoretical paradigms. It also focuses on the role of the state and other agencies to create socialization-economic stability, but also to create conditions for "mental health" of citizens. Social problems of contemporary society have their roots in the past, the consequences in the present and in the future. The importance of the study appear in several elements: -A heterogeneity area residents coming from different provinces have different subcultures. -An area dominated traditional families with a large number of members, with some garland. -Domestic Relations built on customary mentality. -An area where there is fragmentation of families as the result of immigration. "The comunication matrix" is very imported in the socilism of the family mambers.For the realization of this study i have selected qualitative methods,such as:free intervists,structured. The study data are based on some searching methods: Quantitative methods,qualitative; Structured interviews; Official data from the Police Departament of Durres; The review of printed media; Survey 200.
May 1, 2014
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