Inter Lingual Influences of Turkish, Serbian and English Dialect in Spoken Gjakovar's Language

  • Sindorela Doli Kryeziu
  • Gentiana Muhaxhiri


In this paper we have tried to clarify the problems that are faced "gege dialect's'' speakers in Gjakova who have presented more or less difficulties in acquiring the standard. Standard language is part of the people language, but increased to the norm according the scientific criteria. From this observation it comes obliviously understandable that standard variation and dialectal variant are inseparable and, as such, they represent a macro linguistic unity. As part of this macro linguistic unity and by sociolinguistic terms view, members of linguistic community speakers, through changes in phonemic and sub phonemic in toggle sounds, at the same time reflect on the regional and social affiliation background of the speaker. Gjakova is the city where fossils have remained as slang interlingual influences of Turkish language, Serbian language and after the war in Kosovo is very widespread of English slang. The methods we have used in the treatment of our case have been supported on the work and the survey, observation and interpretation. We tried to bring a clearer picture of speaking variation reports, in our case of Albanian speaking language, always when we deal with the extension of standard language in Gjakova town. The method of research and interpretation is the most predominant method in this survey, while an important place in the treatment of this topic is given to methods of surveying / questionnaire about the extent of the standard language in Gjakova town. We have done a comparison of standard Albanian language examination and other languages situations as well, which have a longer tradition of standard language, furthermore countries that have similar development situations with the Albanian standard language.
May 1, 2014
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