Opening of Albanian Schools for Learning the Albanian Language in Kosovo During 1941-45

  • Ragip Gjoshi University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti”


Difficult, long and troublesome was the journey of Albanian letters in all Albanian lands, especially in Kosovo. The marking of the 75th anniversary of the Albanian school, being commemorated this year in all Albanian lands, is a good opportunity to see the long-lasting path of Albanian education. There are many reasons, but some are more necessary to be written and spoken about. It is rare that nations had to pay dearly for the right to write on their own language compared to Albanian people. So much blood has been shed to escape assimilation. However, when World War II had spread largely over Europe, the Nazi-fascist powers had invaded other countries including all Albanian-inhabited areas. After Albania, Yugoslavia succumbed as well. At that time, the territories of today’s Republic of Kosovo were also occupied. At that point, Kosovo was divided into three occupation zones: Italian, German and Bulgarian. Almost most of Kosovo's lands belonged to the Italian occupation zone. Thus, most of Kosovo and Western Macedonia joined Albania with Royal Decree and King of Vicar Decree no. 264, dated 12. VIII. 1941. In all three areas of occupation, the administration of governance was established in the service of the occupiers. The long and harsh oppression had an impact that Albanians would experience and perceive the new circumstances in every aspect as a resemblance of a real freedom, because the tyranny of the 1918-1941 period had exceeded all genocidal dimensions. With the initiative of Albanian Minister E. Koliqi, a contingent of teachers was sent to Kosovo as Kosovo lacked educational-pedagogical staff. This work set in motion the reflection of Albanian intelligence in Kosovo in order to open Albanian schools for Albanian students everywhere as soon as possible.
Sep 25, 2019
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