Perceptions and Practices of Blended Learning in Foreign Language teaching at USIM

  • Suo Yan Ju Faculty of Major Languages Studies, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)
  • Suo Yan Mei


Teaching foreign languages for communication purposes is considered to be the priority in updating high education in Islamic Science University of Malaysia. The ability to communicate in other languages is becoming an integral part of professional competence of any specialist. In the frame of the limited class hours new methodological teaching approaches serve the purpose of recognizing commitment to lifelong learning. The popular motto of higher education nowadays is “to learn how to learn”. So, in this way, autonomy can be considered as a necessary condition, in which a student uses endless potential of a human brain and modern technologies, including information ones, to attain knowledge faster, with higher efficiency and less effort. Traditional teaching methodology is no more serves this purpose. Foreign Language educators should implement new methodology to fulfill the needs of learning in new technology era. The Blended Learning is a special organization of learning, which allows combining classroom face-to-face techniques and online interactive collaboration. Blended learning can help educators to achieve several pedagogical goals: prepare students to produce the constructive and algorithmic thinking skills, help to improve teaching qualities and implement social order. The study conducted the end of year 2017, data collected from the participants who are teaching foreign languages in the faculty of Major Language studies, Islamic Science University of Malaysia. Through Open- end questionnaire and Interview as research instrument, researcher will find out the perception of blended learning among UISM foreign Language lecturers, the types of blended learning models have been using by USIM foreign language lectures in their daily teaching activities. Suggestions are going to be given for whose language educators who wish to take challenge to implement the blended learning in the future.
Mar 2, 2018
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