Albanian Education Issues in the Eye of the Reforms, Priority Development for New Perspectives

  • PhD. Gladiola Durmishi (Elezi) Departament of Albanian Language and LiteratureUniversity of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”Address: “Isa Boletini”, Street: “Sadik Zotaj”Albania
  • Ass.Prof. Aleks Trushaj


Education is one of the most important fields of each company and each system. Through education societies and nations transmit their members knowledge, culture, heritage, values by which society moves forward. Education is also one of the areas that leads not only society, but also strongly influenced by its social changes. The fact that education systems are in permanent change, not shows instability, on the contrary, they serve to better adapt to changes in society. As has happened in our school system, frequent changes made these last 20 years have shown that education is trying to adapt to beat the social changes in our country, but also global. These changes are not being studied and being made in a much less favorable ground conditions in which our educational system was, and from an extreme politicization, not always given adequate fruit and are often perceived by us as experiments. Experimentation in education is not a bad thing, but when the experiment goes spatial and temporal boundaries, then it becomes harmful and negative affects. Recent reforms in education and the debates that have accompanied attest to a growing public awareness of the problems of education and school. These problems seem to belong to the whole society and not just a part of it. Given that the intensity of the reforms has been great, and the time of their commission, relatively short, are noticed and emerge more problems. In this state, which is education in Albania needs a radical reform which should be declared a national priority. What is the concrete solution? I think it is important develop a strategy for a modern education and who have integrated view:• Processing of pre-university textbooks.• Giving importance to the practice of students before graduation.• Focus on Professional Master.• Development of a model structure the same for theses exams, as in the state, even in private. •• Establishing specific training projects for specific administration.• Establishment of a model structure evaluation of professors by students and transparency of the assessment.• Motivate students or students excellent (exellent).It is understood that only a reform such problems can not be solved at once. Has initiated efforts time for change in the education system have begun a long way, which will give us direction due to a brighter future. This route requires a consensus between the political forces and the effective coordination of policy factors, the academic community and civil society. Such coordination is successful only if we will and will walk alongside democratic principles.
May 19, 2017
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