Regulations on Occupational Health and the Role of Labor Inspection

  • Eneida Sema-Dervishi


Over the years the international community has developed a framework with international standards which intend to protect employees from injuries and occupational diseases. While progress is being achieved in preventing this problem, in many cases the rights contained in these standards are not fully applied or implemented in practice. In accordance with the need for prevention in this aspect, our Parliament adopted the Law “For Health and Safety at Work” in 2010 and greater attention is paid to ‘safety at work regulations’ by specific amendments to Albanian Labor Code taking place in 2015. The above legislative changes represent new challenge as it mostly states the ‘prevention plan of measures’, regardless of multiple difficulties which should be considered as well. Legislative measures and the national policies are implemented through by the State Labor Inspectorate but specific measures in respect of strengthening workplace through inspection and labor administration are in need. Labor Inspectorate needs to enforce collaboration with specific institutions and social partners and also providing technical assistance is another important aspect.
Jul 18, 2018
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