Analysis of Team Work Efficiency with a Special View of Kosova

  • Driton Fetahu PhD. Candidate at European University of Tirana, Albania


Recently, modern organizations have seen everything the introduction of team work to increase the efficiency of the entire organization. These work was attempted to contribute to the understanding of the team work efficiency phenomena the factor influencing her and checking the ways of her measurement. The test was carried out at the bank in Kosova, the four-member team of the Service Department companies and their clients. By analyzing the work efficiency of these four teams statistically determined teams do not differ by self-assessments work efficiency as well as satisfaction ratings of their clients' service which were taken as measures of operational efficiency by these four teams. Also, tall and consistent the results of self-assessment of efficiency and customer service satisfaction estimates are provided to high work efficiency for all four teams. In this paper efficiency is defined in the terms of productivity, the satisfaction of workers and clients, and the managers' rating as well it recommends monitoring all these criteria in order to get as complete a picture of the work as possible efficiency of teams in organizations.
Jun 29, 2019
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