A Mapping of Actors Gender Disgrated Data and Information Programs and Projects and Rural Development Projects in Iraq

  • Husham Qasim Saudi Al-Rikabi


Poverty and hunger are considered social and economic pests for Iraqi households in urban and rural.Most of rural people do not educate their girls or make them leave school which is known as education leak, The absence of respect women culture because of traditions and hereditary norms in rural has a negative reflects on women channel that lead to unequally between man and women in rural and urban.This paper seeks to highlight the gender data available and the ongoing programs of different stakeholders committed to the advancement of the conditions of Iraqi women living in rural contexts, also includes a thorough review of literature to shed light on the data available, gaps in data, and the hindrances behind lack of data. The paper highlights major activities delivered by ministries and institutions of the Iraqi government, and other stakeholders’ interventions, such as NGOs, International Organizations and agencies.Analyze the information gathered in the attempt to transfer those information in an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats concerning the increased availability of sex disaggregated data and gender in rural contexts. The paper recommended implementing Capacity building programs for stakeholders, on gender issues and on how to mainstream gender at the various stages. Women’s increased access to educational and training opportunities not only increases their participation in the labor force but also expands the range of occupational options available in the market. The vulnerability of poor women in Iraq is closely linked to illiteracy and low levels of education. Thus, adult literacy programmes must form part of gender mainstreaming efforts; there is a need to create awareness for women and men to venture in the ‘nontraditional’ and stereotyped careers; make use of media to enhance women’s role in peace building. Media continues to dominate as a powerful messaging tool in the post conflict environment. Engaging men and women in media.
Mar 30, 2019
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