Managers in The Development of Higher Education in The Republic of Kosovo

  • Shqiponja Nallbani Assistant Professor at the AAB Collage


Higher education in the modern world considered specific instrument that promotes the economic development of any country and therefore considered as factors that stimulates productivity and economic efficiency. Practices prove that not every investment in the higher education sector in economic development automatically convert. Even in Kosovo, despite the investment in the system in this segment which continues to be poor and without any progress in development. It is derived insufficient qualified people if at the same time is not reached to create infrastructure, institutions, legislation and motivation system on the concept of professional career. Harmonization of these segments and create the necessary synergy educated and skilled people that entered the market certainly qualitatively affect economic development. From this angle the modern direction of Universities is one of the elements of success for socioeconomic development. Higher Education system in Kosovo continues to face fundamental problems which continually degrade this segment. Evidenced most notably the inability of internal quality assurance, lack of legislation on the management of the university profile and lack of human resources for this feature. To prove this we analyzed a series of theories about the ways and models of successful management. These have compared the empirical data that emerged from the statistical survey. Indubitably it emerged that the current role of managers in universities is not compatible with social needs and expectations of university employees. Based on these data we have learned that the opinion and expectations of academics is that the direction of the university depends on a combined approach rector menxheriale-academic executive elements respectively. Further, by reliable research has proven that a successful rector except combined approach academic and managerial anyway should also be equipped with additional knowledge in order to be on the needs of social cohesion. Keywords: higher education, university, management, direction, rector, performance
Oct 6, 2017
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