War Peace and Art

  • Hakan Pehlivan


The world is going to a darkness without end. War, nationalism, discrimination and various conflicts tearing people. They are forced to migrate. Chemical weapons are being used. The children are being killed. Environmental disasters are happening. Boundary walls are built. The wars of religion are at the door. Kin hate seeds are being planted and transferred to future generations. Nationalism is on the rise. We are losing our desire to live together. Despite this, peace and tranquility in our surroundings are our greatest desires and we are right. Civil society should do something to stop it. In this sense, artists are the strongest propagandists. To support peace, art practices have become more important than the past. The artist's initiative is used both to rehabilitate society and to eliminate prejudices. Many international plastic art form is exemplified in this study. Complementary arts workshops, public artworks are examples of these. In addition, the results obtained from the workshop of Turkish Greek artists are presented with preliminary results and related examples.
May 19, 2017
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