The Macro- System Analysis of Social Care Services in Albania, According to An Ecological Perspective

  • Phd Cand.Entela Avdulaj University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”Faculty of Human SciencesDepartment of Education Vlore, Albania


This paper, takes in consideration the most important components of the macro system, of social care services in Albania, according to an ecological perspective. It analyzes the impact and the implementation of national legislation, social policy, national strategies, and different models of interventions in the social care services. The ecological model of Bronfenbrenner (1979, 2000), reveals that the devlopment is result of interaction between the person and its environment and varies according to social context. The macro system, one of the component of this context is defined as the set of attitudes, values and social rules imposed by the other subsystems of other levels. Considering the institution as a whole, we identify its macro- system as a set of legislation, social policies and different models. The macro system analysis serves as a starting point for a depth assessment of the social care programs, based on the eco-systemic perspective. There are 24 public residential centers in Albania, which have dual dependence between the central government (State Social Service) and local governments (municipalities). These centers treat and support with services 6 social categories of people in need: children (orphans, abandoned, in vulnerability situation); people with disabilities (children, young and old people); old people; victims of trafficking; victims of domestic violence; families in need. Their establishment and functioning is regulated according to the Albanian legislation, social policies, strategies and standards. Through the study of law, social policies, strategies and standards set, that exist in Albania for social care services and through the interviews with leaders and services specialists, as well, have been identified the models used in the design of legislation and social policies and theirs impact in the development of social care services in Albania. The results showed that despite the changes in legislation and social policy based in a social inclusion perspective, the programs of social care services are not fulfilling this perspective.
May 19, 2017
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