The Human as the Actor of Love in Mevlana Who is the Bridge of Culture Between East and West

  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Emine Öztürk Kafkas University, Turkey


In universe, there are hidden steps rising up to the sky.Each community has its own step. Each path has its own sky.Each is unaware of another.Skies are a vast, immense country. They are so vast, so infinite that they neither have a beginning or ending.In the first volume of the annotation Tahirü’l-Mevlevi wrote on Mesnevi, he annotates the lines of 10th couplet of Mevlana on love as such “The fire in reed flute and the heave in wine is all the work of love”. There is a well-known hadith among sufis as “I was a hidden treasure, desired to be known and created people.” According to what is indicated by this hadith, love is the sheer reason of the creation of entire universe. Every creature’s love is suitable to its capability and liking. As it is the work of love that the bulbul sings sorrowfully hiding between the leaves of rose, painful heehaw of a donkey while Rolling around in the dust is also the work of love. In a manner of speaking, the former is the love of bulbul (perfect), the latter is the love of donkey (arse). The love is one; however, the beloved varies for the difference in perception. Those varied beloved ones are various reflections of the unique sweet. So to make a Sufi explanation of the couplet: love is again what sets the heart of the wise ablaze and turns the mystery in his heart into ebullition.”1 The aim of the study is to examine Mevlana's view of man in the framework of his understanding of love. For we have believed that there are things to say on Mevlana’s understanding of Love and Human and that love is the underlying reason of his undiscriminating understanding of religions and sects, we felt the need to prepare this text and participate in this symposium. Let us conclude with this couplet of Mevlana that does not discriminate between religions.
May 19, 2017
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