Modeling School Uniforms for Public Schools of Blumenau

  • Brenda Teresa Porto de Matos


This text aims to present one of the extension projects in development at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Center of Blumenau that is integrated with the Regional Development and Social Interaction Axis, which acts in the interface among the five courses of the center, specially engineering. This axis is responsible for proposing and organizing social interaction activities as well as encouraging cooperative relationships with social groups, economic and productive sectors as well as the community in general, as it is foreseen in the Pedagogical Projects of the Courses (PPCs). The intention of these practices is to build with students and teachers some activities and strategies of intervention in communities, institutions, associated developments or enterprises of the region that result in some knowledge/product for the involved groups, helping the future engineers to operate with a sociotechnical approach.This project in focus, entitled “Modeling school uniforms for public schools of Blumenau”, started in April 2016 and it is to be completed in April of this year, consists of a research and intervention experience in the school community, which is being carried out by two textile engineering fellows, under the guidance of professors from the areas of sociology and textile engineering. The aim is to propose new uniform models for the municipal public network, from the data collection performed through the application of questionnaires with the students of the nine schools that composed the sample group. This model proposal seeks to meet the demands formulated in a socially and ecologically committed way. The technical sheet and drawing results will be delivered to the Education Department of Blumenau, the project partner, and to the schools that are the object of the research and intervention. Therefore, this project expresses a materialization of the link of the "uniform artifact" to the sociotechnical network, giving visibility to the acronym STS (Science, Technology and Society) and bringing the field of social sciences closer to that of the exact sciences.
May 19, 2017
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