Innovative Practices in Language Teaching: How to Excite Pupils

  • Angeliki Markoglou


Effective teachers are and ought to constantly be in the quest of novel and exciting teaching strategies that will keep the students motivated and engaged. In recent years, new teaching strategies and techniques have been proposed in the relevant literature (Tighe et al., 2003˙ Beghetto, 2010˙ Bell, 2010), which help make teaching more effective by mobilizing pupils to take an active part in their learning. In this presentation, we seek to sketch some teaching strategies and techniques that we consider crucial especially in improving teaching and learning in relation to language education. Such strategies, we suggest, include: a) brainstorming, b) creative problem solving, c) debate, d) project’s method, and e) role playing. The scope of our paper is to examine critically these five different strategies, highlighting the ways in which they enhance pupils’ social skills, improve their cognitive and emotional development, affect positively their academic performance, and, cultivate deeper understandings of language-related issues.
May 19, 2017
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